Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back In High School

I wrote another scene in my side project today because it was what was in my mind, and I thought the idea was pretty fresh. It's a modern setting, and the first two scenes in the book take place in a high school. It was actually kind of fun to write about the high school experience even though I included only part of one class, and some dialog in the hallway. The class I used was an English class so I had them studying The Crucible.

The scene goes in a bit deeper with one of the main characters that you meet at the end of scene one, and introduces a third main character who the MAIN main character kind of likes. It was actually kind of fun to write the things that go through a guy's head in class when he likes a girl. I'm wondering how many girls would be interested in knowing exactly what it's like in our heads.

I'm trying out a slightly different structure in this project. I have a large list of about forty things that cover the main plot line, but I'm not sticking to it like a rigid outline. The first three things on the list are in the first two scenes, but I'm sure that things that aren't on the list will make their way in as well. I'm going to write what feels natural and right instead of trying to force the characters in to some predetermined sequence that may feel rushed in the end product.

I also have a tentative name fo the project that you may find if you're clever. However, it's not necessarily the name of the book. Just something to keep the project organized.

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