Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Male Point Of View

So I enjoyed another #pvpchat on Twitter tonight with some other writers talking about multiple points of view in a story. It kind of devolved to a talk about point of view in general, and that gave me the idea for this blog post.

The point of view for my current side (maybe new main?) project is first person male. I haven't really written first person in a while, but I have been making sure I read some first person every night just to keep things fresh. The genre the book is targeted towards is most commonly done with a female main character, but I didn't want to take that challenge on my first work.

Some good things about this could be that perhaps readers of the genre would think that the viewpoint is fresh, and trust me, I know how guys think. The downside would be that perhaps the readers won't be able to relate to a "real" man, and I may have to lighten him up a bit.

When is it okay to sacrifice things that make a character realistic for things that make a character likable? What if your character is very real, and because of that, no one likes him? First person male could be quite a scary place especially in the mind of a seventeen year old male. Oh no, I've gone and said too much.


  1. I think if people have strong feelings about characters (perhaps not a main) that are either positive or negative that you have somehow succeeded. For example, Rowling made everyone hate Voldemort, for that reason he is such an awesome villain. If I didn't hate him then he would be a pansy villain, and that's no good. Same goes for good dudes. But you could also have a character that flips/struggles between both.

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