Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Writing Style Evolution

So, as I said yesterday, I was going to reread the first chapter of my favorite book. Well, I did, and after writing a couple of chapters of a book, and knowing what goes through your head while writing, I was able to read that excerpt in a new light.

They vivid way in which Jordan describes his worlds allows you to picture every detail of the scene in your mind. I payed attention to the way that he incorporated details of the scenes in to the dialogue sequences without really interrupting the flow of the dialog.

He was going to need that anger now more than ever. Elissa was being dragged to the other room, and there he was bound to a chair, and handcuffed. The severity of the situation began to set in with Logan, and he started struggling to escape his bonds. The more he thought about Elissa the more he struggled, and he eventually got so carried away that the fallen chair rocked back and forth so violently that the taught rope that bound him dug deep in to the gash on his middle like a knife cutting through flesh. Logan could not feel the pain; there was no time for it.

This is a paragraph from the scene that I wrote today. As I said, my scenes are like logical divisions of my chapters. The setting does not necessarily change, but something slightly different will take place after a scene change. To put things in perspective a scene that I was writing before had roughly 500 words. The scene that I wrote today had 1,484. I was consciously trying to consider if I could see the scene in my head, and I could, so I thought that it was a marked improvement after studying the writing of one author for one night.

You may like or dislike the piece of my book that I decided to share with you. It doesn't much matter to me. I wanted to include a small sample of writing style from today without divulging too much information about the book. Hopefully this will help satisfy those of you who don't actually believe that I'm working on a novel. :)

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