Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spontaneous Genius

I talked about my outline yesterday, but late last night I decided that I wanted to tell part of the story from another perspective so that respective storyline is done some justice. Essentially one of my characters will split off and will go through some things that are worth writing about as a chapter, and not as an afterthought.

What this lead to was me fleshing the outline out a lot better. I have the best feel for what is going to happen in the book now than I have, and I actually settled on a title, though I won't be sharing it just yet. :)

So, inspired by my newly polished outline I began working on the first scene of what would be chapter 7 (8 if you count the prologue). I had intended it to be sort of a short little 500 word scene or so to wrap one thing up and move on. However, as I started writing the conflict in the scene I realized that I had painted some of my characters in to an interesting situation that I hadn't counted on during the outlining process. This situation let me decide whether I wanted one of the characters to save the other two, or if I wanted one of the two to kind of evolve temporarily to handle the current situation. I chose to have one of my characters evolve because I think that it adds an interesting topic to think about to the story.

I just wanted to share that I thought it was cool how no matter how detailed I make my outlines the really genius stuff that I do happens when I'm writing the story. I had no idea that some of the stuff in my scene would be there when I started writing it, but it's there now, and I love it.

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