Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Outline and More Words!

So I finally sat down and made an outline. It's not a definitive list, but I would like to implement everything in the outline in the story. The outline tentatively projected the book to be twenty-five chapters.

I'm not sure how easily I will be able to hit 100,000 words with twenty-five chapters. Perhaps my writing needs to improve. Perhaps I am not telling the story well enough. Perhaps I am telling the story fine, and shouldn't force the word count.

If the world was perfect, and everything went my way, this book would be the first in a group of three. I just hope I don't end up writing a short book in my quest to make a series of three books.

I had the idea that I could reread the first chapter in my favorite book The Eye of the World. I hope that it will inspire me to write better, and perhaps the stories I tell from here on out will be even better.

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