Monday, March 14, 2011

More Outlining!

So, I finished up my sixth chapter today with a nice burst of 1,341 words. It's looking like my chapters are going to be roughly 2,500 words. I've been working a bit on the lore that I want to incorporate in to the story, and I've done some detailed outlining of the next few chapters. I have some very limited detailing of the late chapters, but I haven't fleshed them out yet as things can change.

I know where I want the book to end, and to me that's kind of the most logical place for it to end. I need to just fill the gap between the beginning and the end, and I come up with interesting things to happen to the characters from time to time, but it's not completely done being designed yet.

I'm also toying with the idea of using multiple points of view in the sense that one chapter is continuing one storyline, while the next continues another, and it alternates back and forth until those story lines converge back together.

I also came up with a pretty cool title idea, and a cover art idea, but that will come much later. My plan is to look back over the completed work, and then decide what I think the title should be. It's also interesting that I have ideas about what I want to have happen in the second book, but I have to kind of just bottle them up and save them for later.

Hopefully tonight I can get a rough idea of what major plot points I would want in the next book so I know how to finish this book. I'm considering having one of the characters split off from the group, and to alternate with their storyline for part of the end of the book. Nothing is finalized yet, though.

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